Mute, robot and blind exercise

The design thinking class has been one of the most insightful since I joined the master’s course. Design thinking is an important antecedent of innovation, and I consider it one of the most vital courses I have taken. According to Chasanidou, Gasparini, and Lee (2015), design thinking comprises of desirability, viability, and feasibility, which have a positive impact on innovation. Actually, design thinking is being … Continue reading Mute, robot and blind exercise

Shoe Challenge

The shoe challenge was one of the most interesting activities. The challenge required designing a shoe using paper and other materials within a period of 45 minutes in groups of three to four people. The key goal of this challenge was to test and exercise our creativity as part of the design thinking class module. All teams were expected to brainstorm ideas and design a … Continue reading Shoe Challenge

My first experience at Kingston University

The beginning of a journey or any initiative in life is always fascinating. I remember deciding to pursue a master’s course, and the first University that came to my mind was Kingston University after being referred by a friend. I decided to visit the Kingston Hill campus and I was greatly impressed by the learning environment and the friendly people I met. The challenging task … Continue reading My first experience at Kingston University


My name is Banna Beraki, a student at Kingston University pursuing (MSc) innovation management and entrepreneurship. These blog posts highlight my personal development journey as well as my journey in my post graduate studies. Through the blog posts, you will learn more about me and my aspirations in life. Although the blogs will be about my personal journey, I hope to inspire and empower my … Continue reading Introduction