Banna’s Reflective Essay

Dear Future Self, I recall the day I was walking up the street, and for no meaningful purpose I entered a flower shop that was being run by a family. As I sit down writing to you, I try and remember what had made me to go into the shop. What I had seen through the windows was a man and a woman arranging flowers … Continue reading Banna’s Reflective Essay

Dragon’s Den

My team and I had been building a comic book, and the day of the presentation finally arrived. Everything we had worked for over a couple of months had come to fulfillment. We went through a lot of disagreements throughout the project because everyone had their own ideas, and we ended up with different ideas for the comic. I am very glad that we managed … Continue reading Dragon’s Den

Eden’s Walk Trade Fair

After our miserable performance in the first trade fair, we got a second chance to showcase our work at the Kingston Eden’s Walk. This activity was particularly challenging because we were not only expecting our fellow students to visit our stand, but also members of the public passing through the Kingston Shopping Centre. Unfortunately, on the day of the trade fair, it was extremely windy, … Continue reading Eden’s Walk Trade Fair

Creating A Advert For Our Comic Book

As part of our module, we were required to create a 30-second to one-minute advert on YouTube. This was the most challenging activity we did because our idea was based on creating a comic book, yet there are not many comic adverts on YouTube. However, the challenge taught us an important lesson that businesses and entrepreneurs have to be very creative in order to succeed. … Continue reading Creating A Advert For Our Comic Book

Mute, robot and blind exercise

The design thinking class has been one of the most insightful since I joined the master’s course. Design thinking is an important antecedent of innovation, and I consider it one of the most vital courses I have taken. According to Chasanidou, Gasparini, and Lee (2015), design thinking comprises of desirability, viability, and feasibility, which have a positive impact on innovation. Actually, design thinking is being … Continue reading Mute, robot and blind exercise

Shoe Challenge

The shoe challenge was one of the most interesting activities. The challenge required designing a shoe using paper and other materials within a period of 45 minutes in groups of three to four people. The key goal of this challenge was to test and exercise our creativity as part of the design thinking class module. All teams were expected to brainstorm ideas and design a … Continue reading Shoe Challenge